Hi, We are SecurityVPN.org

    SecurityVPN.org manages its own global gigabit network of VPN servers making our service one of the high-speed and most reliable on the market.

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Our VPN services works in multiple operating systems, like Windows, Mac, Linux and supports multiple platforms, like desktop, laptop, cell phone, PDAs, iPhone, iPad, Android ICS.
About Our Servers
We currently have VPN servers located in United States (California, Oregon, and Virginia), Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), Europe-Ireland, South America (São Paulo) and more.
Security VPN Features
Yes! Secure and Safe!
Your data is encrypted with 1024-2048-bit strong encryption, which keep you safe from hackers and thieves.
Yes! Unlock websites!
With bypassing the geographical and location restrictions, you can view your favorite websites normally.
Yes! Unlimited bandwidth and traffic!
You’ll have unlimited bandwidth and traffic to enjoy fast Internet access, without worrying about hitting the traffic limit.
Yes! Easy to Install!
You can setup VPN Account with detailed setup guide. It is easy to follow! No Set-up fee!
Yes! 14-Days Money Back Guarantee!
We have 14-Days Money Back Guarantee! No need to worry about money!

Unblock global websites now!

supported platforms

Our VPN technology

 OpenVPN is a robust and highly flexible tunneling application that uses all of the encryption, authentication, and certification.

 strongSwan is an IPsec implementation. It is a stable IPsec platform to base our future extensions of the X.509 capability.