Why SecurityVPN.org

Enhanced Security

    Security is really important when you surf the Internet. SecurityVPN services provide enhanced security by establishing a private connection between your computer and our VPN servers. 1024-2048-bit strong encryption protects your network from hackers and spies. It ensures that you’re doing so with an added layer of security when you browse the websites.

Always available

Due to the enhanced security features, our vpn tunnel will be always available for you. It won’t be blocked!

Unblock websites, Skype etc.

Surfing the Internet overseas are often frustrated by the controls of the governments where you reside.
By using a SecurityVPN account, it will allow you to bypass the controls and unblock internationl websites.
Also for our vpn secure all connections, so all your favourite program like Email, FTP, Skype, web browers etc. will be available from any location

Support popular OS and platforms

One VPN account works in multiple operating systems, like Windows, Mac, Linux and supports multiple platforms, like desktop, laptop, cell phone, PDAs, iPhone, iPad, Android. No extra fee!

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

We have at least 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

Anonymous Web Access

    The IP address is always tracked by websites and search engine, logged where you are from and when you are visited. With a SecurityVPN account, an anonymous IP addess is displayed insteading your real IP. It means you can browse the web anonymously so that nobody can see your real IP address. SecurityVPN service makes your online presence anonymously. It reduces the risk of being tracked by hackers.

Traffic Encrypted

Hot Spots can be found everywhere now, which is very convenient but also dangerous. Hot Spot hackers are on the rise today.
Using SecurityVPN service will prevent Hot Spot sniffing devices from viewing your logins, passwords and private data while using Public WIFI.

Fast VPN service

SecurityVPN service provides unlimited speed and bandwidth for you to get uninterrupted Internet access.

Easy Setup without setup fee

It is easy to setup the VPN by following our detailed setup guides after you complete the order.
No setup fee.